News Item: X-Software and winPenPack no more compressed with UPX
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Posted by Danix
Monday 25 August 2008 - 13:33:07

Virus in winPenPack?

Due to many signalling, by our users, about "false positive" regarding X-Softwares and, generally, winPenPack, and also because the progressive growth of allowable size (and decreasing price) of pendrives, we decided to distribute all programs in uncompressed format. This will avoid most false positive signalling (all our programs are virus-free tested) and will improve safety feeling during usage of these programs.
Who wants, however, can continue to compress its own copies of programs through UPX. Any signalling regarding already UPX-ed programs will have to be posted on the forum and not signaled by email.

Thank you for your support!

Updates (01.10.2008)
Fixed problem for X-ClamWin -Link-
REGCLEAR.exe fix -Link- fix -Link-
libthinice.dll fix -Link-
Easy Screen Capture.exe fix -Link-
X-Mule fix -Link-

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