News Item: April Fools'Day
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Posted by Danix
Thursday 02 April 2009 - 20:25:59

For non Italian speakers: the reason behind the big smiling fish is that in Italy an April Fools' Day Joke is called Pesce d'Aprile = "April's Fish".

Dear users,

the closure announcement was an April Fools'Day Joke, as many have realized.
We are happy to confirm this, and to reassure those that thought it could be true.

To anyone that - even if for one second - felt the inconvenience of being without winPenPack, we want to remind that winPenPack can go on only with the support of a generous community. Where generosity is not only in the sense of being munificent - even if it's an important aspect - but also in the sense of being present and collaborative: this is the best way you have to help winPenPack living and growing.

A little curiosity: between 22 posts (up to now) in the related discussion, eight were the first posts from their respective authors. And the majority of them were users registered a long time ago.
We want to say them: now that the fear-of-posting has gone, please don't stop! And continue to take part in Forum threads!

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