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How to update winPenPack

How to update winPenPack

We frequently receive users requests on how to update an existing winPenPack, maintaining all personal data and configurations.

Actually, we cannot provide an automated updating procedure, so, to reach this target, you should get following instructions. These steps can be very useful for those wants to try the upgrade operations, even if with some limitations.

  1. First of all, you need a "work environment". Do this by downloading the latest winPenPack version, that will be used as starting point to perform the updates and extract or install it in a temporary folder on your choice, i.e. "wpp_update";

  2. before starting with upgrade steps, is recommended to perform always a backup of your old winPenPack version, or to operate onto a copy of it;

  3. after extracting the new winPenPack, you can start with importing all configurations and personal data. Do this copying all old \User\Program_Name folders (excluding "\User\winpenpack_launcher") into the \User folder of new winPenPack. It is very important to NOT copy the old "\User\winpenpack_launcher" folder, because the menu could have been updated passing from one version to another, so some menu items should have been modified. Moreover, the \User\winpenpack_launcher folder contains software lists (winpenpack_xx.xml) of new winPenPack;

  4. copy the old \Documents folder and any other personal documents into the \Documents folder of new version;

  5. if the old version have been personalized (you can check it inspecting \User or \Bin folders contents) is necessary to integrate the X-Softwares not present into the new version. It is recommended to download them from our download section, because here you can reach the latest available version;

  6. if in the old version were present Natively Portable Softwares (included either in standard editions or added in other steps), is necessary to update them by downloading the latest versions from our download section and copying previous settings for each Program_Name software (contained into \Bin\Program_Name) into corresponding folders included in new winPenPack version;

  7. verify if the old \Lib folder contains some libraries not present into new winPenPack version and shared between programs added subsequently. In this case, is recommended to download them from the download section or copy the old libraries, into new winPenPack \Lib folder;

  8. is strongly recommended to check the changelog of the winPenPack version in updating progress and the latest one, to verify in details what has been added and/or removed, and also why this has been done;

  9. finally, if the collection has been personalized, is necessary to perform a software lists comparison (winpenpack.xml file) using X-WinMerge, and add/remove/update all involved items.