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  1. Acceptance of Usage Terms and its modifications

    Every performed or caused access to this web site imply the acceptance of these usage terms (or any modify of them), adopted with or without notification from site administrators. Moreover, if you are using a particular service provided by or through our website, you are subject to the rules and guidelines of that service. See also our Privacy Policy, which forms an integral part of these Terms of Use.

  2. Our services

    All services offered by this site are provided AS IS. Then, administrators and owners does not asume any responsibility regarding punctuality, deletion, accuracy or missed delivery or retention of any user data, communication or customization. Visiting this site, user accept that its owners reserve themself the right to modify or deleting user access to this site and related services, or deleting user data, temporarily or definitely, in any moment, also without notice and without responsibility towards users.

  3. User registration responsibility and constrains

    For accessing this site services, users need to perform a registration, agreeing in providing truthful informations when required. This site does not admit registrations of user younger than 13 years old without written permission of their parents. Through registration, users implicitly accept these Usage Terms with their periodic updates, examinable in this page.

  4. Privacy Policy Terms

    All data provided by users during registration or collected later, are subject to our Privacy Policy Terms.

  5. Registration and Password

    Is user responsibility to preserve confidentiality of theri password, and also towards all usage and services furnished through its registration and/or access (login) to this site, also if not authorized by himself. User accept to immediately notify to site owners any unauthorized usage of its registration, profile, password comes in its knowledge.

  6. General behaviour guidelines

    Users accept that all provided (publicly or privately) informations or any data type: text, software, source code, music or digital sound, photos, videos or other material ("Contents") are its own responsibility, also through the profile used for providing them. In no case site administrators and owners can be considered responsible both for site contents and errors/omissions.

    Using this site and each related service, users explicitly accept:

    1. to not provide Contents or adopt illegal, trivial, obscene or impeachable behaviours, causing menace, harm, defame or offend other users, that interfere or discontinue this site or related services, that infect through electronic viruses or other desctructive or harmful programs, that cause penal or civil liability, that violate effective national or international laws;

    2. to not fake their identity or their association with any person or institution, or falsify or try to mask the origin of any Content they provide;

    3. to not collect any data regarding other registered users;

    4. to not provide or using this site or its Contents or related services in any commercial service or in any way that could spread undesired advertisings ("junk mail" or "spam"), mail chains, pyramidal schemes or any other strain or unauthorized advertising, without our prior written authorization;

    5. to not provide contents that could arise penal or civil liability, or that could constitute or be considered a violation of a local, national or international rule, included (but not limited to) laws regarding copyright, patents or commercial secrets.

    Any advertising of product or services, proposed through this site in any form, can be removed if considered inappropriate, according to undeniable administrators opinion.

  7. Sending Contents to this site

    Providing any type of Content to this site, users:

    1. accept to provide us international, free, perpetual privilege, without escluding to use, show, copy, adapt, publish, distribute, recite, promote, archive, translate this Content, all or part of it;

    2. acknowledge that they have any legal, moral, material rights, and any other needed right, to transfer such usage license stated by this document;

    3. admit and accept that site owners, to their mere discretion, have the privilege, but not the duty, to refuse to publish or remove or limit the access to any Content provided by the users themself, in any moment and for any reason, with or without warning.

  8. Third party Services

    Third party provided goods and services can be advertised or available on, or through, this site. Representations of third party provided products and services are managed by their policies. We are not responsible in any case for any interaction, agreement or contract stipulated by users with third parties.

  9. Refund claim relieve

    Users acknowledge and accept that this site administrators and owners and related subjects (i.e. our subsidiary companies, our employees, managers, owners, independent suppliers or our partners) are relieved by any restitutory duty, included legal costs, that could be reclaimed by third parties caused by users behaviour on this site and related services, caused by users provided contents, caused by violation of these Usage Terms, caused by any other violation of other person's or third party rights, performed by users making use of this site and related services.

  10. Absence of warranties

    Users acknowledge and accept that the usage of this site and related available services and contents (the "Service") is provided AS IS, without any explicit or implicit warranty, included marketability warranty, suitability of usage and legality of any provided Service. We do not provide any explicit or implicit warranty that any portion of our Service will be continuous, proper, will not contain any electronic virus, will be regular, safe, precise, reliable, of good quality, or that any Content could be downloaded through web with safeness. Users acknowledge and accept that no person who participate to Services provides professional hints of any kind, and also that making use of these hints or any other information can be performed at user own risk, without any kind of site owners responsibility.
    Some jurisdictions could not allow responsibility or warranty restrictions; in this case, above limitations could not be valid if referred to implicit warranties.

  11. Responsibility restrictions

    Users acknowledge and accept that this site owners will not be responsible for eventual damages of any kind, direct or indirect, also related with gains, data loss, or other not tangible losses (also after warning about possibility of happening of these losses) caused by

    1. the use of our Services, or the incompetence to use them,
    2. the expense for obtaining goods and alternate services due to transactions performed throug this site or related services,
    3. the unauthorized access or the modify on user data transmission,
    4. third party statements or behaviour on this site, or
    5. any other issue pertinent with this site and related services.

    Some jurisdictions could not allow responsibility restrictions; in this case, above limitations could not be valid particular events.

  12. Rights Preserve

    All our rights are reserved, included Copyright, trademark, patent, commercial confidential and any other right we could have on this site, related contents, related goods and services proved by it. Use of our rights and ownerships require prior written permission. We don't provide any implicit or explicit license or privilege to make available these services, and users does not have any right to make commercial use of them without prior written permission, unless where explicitly shown.

  13. Copyright infringement notice

    If an user thought that its property goods have been used violating Copyright or its intellectual property, can contact webmaster.

  14. Suitable Law and qualified Forum

    Users accept that these Usage Terms and any contention could arise, regarding this site and related services or products, be regulated by Italian Republic laws. Registering on, and/or using, this site and related services, users accept that any contention resulting or related to these usage terms will be qualified the Forum of the chief town nearest to this site owner's domicile.