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17.04.17 - 16:36
Buona Pasqua winPenPack

15.04.17 - 11:13
Buona Pasqua a tutti.

22.02.17 - 08:34
forse ti riferisci a PrintConductor.
Però questo programma non è più presente nel nostro database per due motivi:
- non è open source
di conseguenza
- non è portabilizzabile
Comunque, se ti va bene anche in versione "installer", lo trovi qui:

07.02.17 - 10:22
Buongiorno, tempo fa avevo trovato una programmino che stava in tray che mandava in stampa pdf tutti i file dentro una cartella... riuscite a darmi il link? grazie

01.01.17 - 07:02
Buon Anno!

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New developers needed
We wish to inform our users in this period we are developing some features of our platform, including multi-lingual support.
Due to this fact, at the moment we are forced to slow down the updating of X-Software, which will be speeded up again as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the mainly voluntary approach of the project and the small number of active contributors, don't let us to manage updates, development of winPenPack components and website as we would like.

Therefore, we decided to push for the expansion of winPenPacks Team, giving the opportunity for new developers to join our group. The only requirements are a good knowledge of Autoit3 programming language for the launcher and .NET for the menu, and a great passion for portable programs. If You want to join our team, please through the contact form or in our forum. For any questions or request, feel free to use this forum thread.

Thank You All!
The winPenPack Team
 Danix, Sunday 17 November 2013 - 19:20:48 Add a comment - comments: 0 printer friendly

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