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16.01.18 - 15:27
Ciao a tutti

04.01.18 - 18:30
Buon anno!

03.01.18 - 10:42
Buon Anno wPP!

01.01.18 - 20:15
Buon anno a tutti!

27.11.17 - 09:54
Danix, ho cercato nel forum ma non ho trovato un esempio. Vorrei contribuire al proggetto rendendo portatile qualche software, ma non so come iniziare il lavoro ..
Puoi mandarmi un link ad un esempio?
Grazie e complimenti a tutti

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 FAQ #37
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Why at (or X-LibreOffice) first run an error is shown and the program doesn't start?
The error at (or X-LibreOffice) first run is caused by an installation path too long. (portable and/or in original form) seems not to support too long paths, therefore, starting (or X-LibreOffice.exe), the following error or similar ones could appear:

To fix the problem, you have to rename the directory that contains, i.e. 3.3.0 [rev18], to X-OOo, or move the program to C:\, and then restart

The same problem could happen in a winPenPack installation on too long path. Also in this case it must shorten the path or rename the winPenPack installation folder (for example H:\ or C:\winPenPack).

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