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[SYSTEM] Virtual Floppy Drive 2.1 [OPEN SOURCE]

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Thu 04 Oct 2007 - 18:13

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Nome del software: Virtual Floppy Drive
Direct Link al download: -Link-
Dimensione File: 371 KB (380039)
Nome autore: ken katu
eMail autore: nd
Sito Web Autore: -Link-
Descrizione: la risorsa del floppy virtuale da tenere nella propria penna USB- Per esempio oggi molti notebook e vari
pc Desktop non montano il drive floppy quindi Per lavorare con immagini di unità floppy senza usare il dischetto vero e proprio,
si può ricorrere a virtual floppy drive . Pieno supporto per la command-line [vedi note in questo post]
... Finalmente un Floppy Disk ..nella vostra penna USB

Portable tips how-to:Software open source portatile [basterà scompattare l'archivio ZIP] è il programma e pronto
da utilizzare. ATTENZIONE -> NON devono essere attivate le funzioni SHELL e ASSOCIAZIONI ..altrimenti alcuni valori verranno scritti sul registro di windows.

Versione: 2.1
Licenza: : GPL GNU General Public License (GPL)

screenshot :

sorgenti scaricabili da qui : -Link-

Info originali :

Save virtual floppy image into files.
You can save modified RAM disk image into files or save mounted file image into different files.

Now you can specify either 3.5" or 5.25" for 640KB, 720KB and 1.2MB media.
Now you can specify media size different from the actual file size.
For example, you can mount a 1.44MB image as a 1.2MB media, or you can use image files with surplus data at the end which some floppy backup programs create.

Now you can change the driver start method without reinstalling the driver.
VFD.EXE command line options to suppress prompting.
Now you can run your batch file without interruption.
VFD.EXE interactive console.
Removed the Mount Manager support on Windows 2000 and later.
It was causing a problem that once the driver is stopped it cannot restart until the system is rebooted.
I may restore the feature when the driver becomes fully Plug & Play compatible.
Other 2.x major features
2 virtual floppy drives.
FILE mode and RAM mode
In FILE mode, image files are mounted directly.
Changes made in virtual media are written to the file immediately.
In RAM mode, on memory copy of image files are mounted.
Enables to open read-only files as writable media.
Changes are not written back to the image file (discarded on image close).
Supports the following media types:
160KB (5.25"), 180KB (5.25"), 320KB (5.25"), 360KB (5.25"), 640KB (5.25"/3.5"), 720KB (5.25"/3.5"), 820KB (3.5"), 1.2MB (5.25"/3.5"), 1.44MB (3.5"), 1.68MB (3.5"), 1.72MB (3.5"), 2.88MB (3.5")
WinImage compressed image (*.IMZ) support.
RAM mode open only, and cannot save into an IMZ file.
Formatting virtual media
New images created with VFD are pre-formatted with FAT12.
Enables to format media which Windows' format cannot handle.
Switching write-protection of virtual media on the fly.
Persistent drive letters
A drive letter is not removed when an image is closed.
Drive letters are preserved until explicitly removed.
The same drive letter is assigned the next time the driver starts.
On Windows 2000 SP2 and later, drive letters are not deleted when the user logged off.
On Windows XP and Terminal Servers drive letters are globally visible.
You can choose between the old (ephemeral) drive letters.
Shell extension
Open/Close an image with the right click menu on the virtual drive icon.
Virtual Floppy Drive property sheet.
Drag-and-drop an image file with the right button to the virtual drive icon to open it (Windows 2000 and later).

Command-line info :

Command Line

Start the Virtual Floppy Drive Control Panel.

VfdWin.exe /OPEN [drive:] [file]
[/RAM] [/P | /W] [/size] [/5] [/Q]
Open an image on a Virtual Floppy Drive.

drive: Specifies a target Virtual Floppy drive, either by a drive
number or a drive letter, such as "0:", "1:", "B:", "X:".
The trailing ':' is required.
The drive 0 is used if not specified.

file Specifies a Virtual Floppy image file to open.
If the file does not exist, a new file is created.
If not specified, an empty RAM disk is created.

/RAM RAM mode - Creates a copy of the file on RAM.
Changes made to the disk are lost when the image is
closed. Read only files, NTFS encrypted/compressed files
and WinImage compressed image (IMZ) files are always
opened in RAM mode.
This option is needed only to open other files, which are
usually mounted directly, in RAM mode.

/P Opens the image as a write protected media.
This is the default for RAM mode (except for empty RAM

/W Opens the image as a writable media.
This is the default for non-RAM and empty RAM disks.

/size Specifies a media size.
The following options are accepted:

/160 (160KB) /820 (820KB)
/180 (180KB) /120 or /1.20 (1.20MB)
/320 (320KB) /144 or /1.44 (1.44MB)
/360 (360KB) /168 or /1.68 (1.68MB DMF)
/640 (640KB) /172 or /1.72 (1.72MB DMF)
/720 (720KB) /288 or /2.88 (2.88MB)

If not specified, the media is decided from the file size
for opening an existing file, and 1.44MB is selected for
creating new file.
Cannot specify a larger media than the target file.

/5 Specifies a 5.25" media. Takes effect only with
640KB, 720KB and 1.2MB media.

/Q Do not open the drive folder afterward.

If the target drive does not have a drive letter, this command also
assigns the first available letter to the drive.

VfdWin.exe /CLOSE [drive:]
Close the image.

drive: Specifies a target Virtual Floppy drive, either by a drive
number or a drive letter, such as "0:", "1", "B:", "X".
You may or may not add the trailing ':' to the drive letter.
"*" stands for both drives.
The drive 0 is used if not specified.

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Fri 01 Feb 2008 - 23:39
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Inserito in download -Link-
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