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winPenPack among the top 25 projects of the previous month at
The winPenPack Team is pleased to announce that our project has been pointed out by among the top 25 projects of the previous month, as measured by growth. Moreover, we will soon be competing for the contest "Project of the Month" for the month of March. We invite everyone to participate, when required, in voting on In the meantime, you can visit our project on and Facebook, expressing your appreciation (respectively with "Thumbs up" and "I like").

This recognition makes us, of course, very proud, for several reasons:
  1. Awards the hard work performed by the Team, for many years and among many difficulties, without spare.

  2. Acknowledges the quality of our project, both in terms of the level of our standardization of portability, and in terms of care and attention to every detail.

  3. Establishes, beyond any reasonable doubt and by an undisputed authority in the Open Source sphere, our respect of licenses for each of the programs we made portable.
We wish therefore share our satisfaction with all of you, thanking everyone who helped achieve this goal.

The winPenPack Team
 ZioZione, Wednesday 25 January 2012 - 23:32:30 Add a comment - comments: 0 printer friendly