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Credits and thanks

Credits and thanks
(Last revision: 10.04.2011)

  1. Hosting

    The winPenPack project is hosted also by SourceForge (

  2. Mirrors and distribution

    SourceForge ( (
    Uncle Dan’s Corner (

  3. Old winPenPack Team members and contributors

    Roberto Angius (Roan)
    Gaspare Grana (grangas)
    Michele R. (Moticanus)
    Gabriele Tittonel (tittoproject)
    Massimo D'Angelo (icemax)
    Umberto Mascia (PortableUmbo)
    Luca Zoboli (_zulu)
    Matteo Salvi (El Salvador)
    Ciro Iorio (Alchimista)
    Simone Grassini (Simongr)

  4. Suggestions and ideas

    A big thank to all winPenPack users and a lot of other people that provided additional suggestions and bug reports.

  5. Testing

    A big thank to all users for testing.

  6. Software authors

    A big thank to all authors of softwares included in winPenPack collections.

  7. Website

    e107 website system (,
    e107Italia (e107 italian translation,

  8. Icons and images

    Lamberto Tedaldi (Usbix, the winPenPack mascotte,

    Alexandre Moore (the winPenPack pendrive icon and some other images published on winPenPack website,

    David Vignoni ("Nuvola" icons theme,

    The authors of images published under open source licenses (GPL, LGPL, etc..) on Iconlet, Wikipedia, Open Clip Art Library and other similar websites, used for graphics in winPenPack web site and for X-Software's splash screens. For more details please read the additional notes about trademarks and copyright.

  9. Tools and scripting

    Autoit3 (language used for developing launchers,
    Jordan Russell (tool used for creating winPenPack setup,