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[debugger] OllyDbg

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sab 10 gen 2009 - 15:07
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Nome del software: OllyDbg
Direct Link al download: -Link-
Dimensione File: 2.21 MB
Nome autore: Oleh Yuschuk
Sorgenti (Sources page): -Link-
Pagina del programma: -Link-
Sito Web Autore: -Link-
OllyDbg Support Forum:
Softpedia: -Link-

Descrizione: debugger a 32 bit per Windows (tutte le versioni) con funzioni di disassembler.
Caratteristiche (dal sito):
- Intuitive user interface, no cryptical commands
- Code analysis - traces registers, recognizes procedures, loops, API calls, switches, tables, constants and strings
- Directly loads and debugs DLLs
- Object file scanning - locates routines from object files and libraries
- Allows for user-defined labels, comments and function descriptions
- Understands debugging information in Borland® format
- Saves patches between sessions, writes them back to executable file and updates fixups
- Open architecture - many third-party plugins are available
- No installation - no trash in registry or system directories
- Debugs multithread applications
- Attaches to running programs
- Configurable disassembler, supports both MASM and IDEAL formats
- MMX, 3DNow! and SSE data types and instructions, including Athlon extensions
- Full UNICODE support
- Dynamically recognizes ASCII and UNICODE strings - also in Delphi format!
- Recognizes complex code constructs, like call to jump to procedure
- Decodes calls to more than 1900 standard API and 400 C functions
- Gives context-sensitive help on API functions from external help file
- Sets conditional, logging, memory and hardware breakpoints
- Traces program execution, logs arguments of known functions
- Shows fixups
- Dynamically traces stack frames
- Searches for imprecise commands and masked binary sequences
- Searches whole allocated memory
- Finds references to constant or address range
- Examines and modifies memory, sets breakpoints and pauses program on-the-fly
- Assembles commands into the shortest binary form
- Starts from the floppy disk

Test effettuato: nulla da segnalare

Portable tips how-to: scaricare l'archivio '' e scompattarlo. Lanciare il file'ollydbg.exe'.

Versione: 2.01 alpha 4
Licenza: GPL

- Quick start (en): -Link-
- Tutorial 1 (ita): -Link-
- Tutorial 2 (ita): -Link-

Documentazione su Google
Andare sulla pagina principale di Google e digitare "ollydbg manuale" (senza le virgolette): verrà eseguita una ricerca su tutte le lingue, ma i primi risultati sono in italiano...

Documentazione su YouTube
Andare su YouTube, digitare "ollydbg" e premere invio.

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