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X-GVim 7.2_rev_1_test_1

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sab 09 gen 2010 - 08:44

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Please find hereafter the first test release version of X-GVim ((G)Vim home page

First TEST Version (8.732.347 Byte/8,32 Mo)

Some Portalisation notes
- I have chosen to affect the $VIM environment variable to redirect vim to the
configuration files on the USB key instead of using the $HOME environment
variable (both solution work). This allow me to use the $HOME environment
variable to point to my document folder and use it as is in my .vimrc files.

- In the same idea I have redirect _viminfo file in the $VIM directory (with the
configuration files) to have a cleaner Documentation folder. This is done using
the '-i' command line directive.

- Before running Gvim, the launcher adapt _viminfo file content to reflect the
current USB drive letter. I didn't use the FixDriveLetter directive that come
with x-launcher v1.4 as it doesn't cover my needs (basically I want only to
modify the path linking to documents on the key and to protect path linking to
actual document on the host computer).
I do this by creating my own FixDriveLetter routine (in x-udf-extra.au3 and by
adpating x-launcher.au3 code).
Nevertheless, if you don't like my approach, the X-GVim.ini file is still
compatible with vanilla FixDriveLetter of x-launcher.au3 v1.4

- This x-launcher is designed for the gvim version compiled without ole support as
I don't have managed the registry keys that come with the ole registration (and
as I don't use this feature).

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sab 09 gen 2010 - 16:19


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Hi pir,

welcome to winPenPack and thank you for using the winPenpack Platform to make portable VGim. It was a good choice!

We'll test it as soon as we can..

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