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X-Cygwin 1.7.1_rev_1_test_1

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sab 06 feb 2010 - 12:24

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Please find hereafter the X-launcher for Cygwin
(Cygwin home page). Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows.

First TEST Version (43.714.779 Byte/42,2 Mo)

The zip file doesn't contain the cygwin binary (I don't have enough place
on my server, as the basic version is about 80Mo) so the first thing to do
is to install it using the X-cygwinsetup, which is included in the zip.
Normally a basic install is enough (just use the package list proposed in
standard). I recommend that you in addition select rxvt to have a nice console
(see notes bellow if you don't install it).

Cygwin is not so easy to 'portabilize' (at least for me ...) so I hope that
this first test version is not too buggy...

Some Portalisation notes
- this package provides two X-launchers: one for cygwin setup (used to
install/remove/update packages), the second one to launch a cygwin terminal
(running bash by default).
- the INI file should be edited to adapt some parameters to your likings :
* the language (by default here french...)
* the command line. I use here rxvt (that doesn't belong to cygwin default
install). You can use anything else. See INI comments.
I haven't include a X server launcher (I mean here the graphical X server and not the
X-launcher ...) but it should not be very difficult to tweak the INI file to do
- cygwin and cygwin setup use registry entries mostly to point to the install
location (as far as I know). The ini contain some specific directive to adapt
the registry contents to point to the right location on the USB key
- I have include a directive to adapt cygwin fstab to the current USB drive
letter. Normally, a similar directive should be used if you have user specific
fstab entries (in /etc/fstab.d/*). At this stage it should be manually done as
FixDriveLetter does not work with wilcards parameters.
- I have chosen to save the unix dotfiles in $Home$ rather than to keep them
within the $Doc$ folder (which is the standard way if you like your unix home
directory to point to your $Doc$, which I think is the closer way to WinPenPack
files organization. Another solution might be to 'mount' $Doc$ to $Home$. Up to
For that purpose I have had a personalized x-udf-extra.au3 function (_DirMoveWithWildCard)
to allow a directory move using wildcards.

Edited 2010-02-14
Zip file now includes a complete basic cygwin installation thanks to wpp team that offers me some space to host it

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sab 06 feb 2010 - 18:07

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Hi pir,
nice project, thank you for sharing with us!
For me, Cygwin has ever been a mysterious object, although I used (unfortunately in a remote past) a lot of Linux distributions... I think that it could be used satisfactorlily just from a restrict number of expert (or Linux) users... Personal opinion, of course

But, indeed, from a portabilization point of view, it sounds extremely interesting.

The \Bin\cigwinsetup\setup.exe file is part of the Cygwin package? Did it requires a particular environment? I ask this because I tried it under Windows Vista (with admin profile and UAC enabled) and it runs for a couple of seconds, then exits without performing any (apparent) action. From Cygwin home I don't find anything particular for executing setup.exe under Vista. Can you help me to better understand?

Best Regards
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sab 13 feb 2010 - 12:03

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Hello ZioZne,

I agree with you, I think Cygwin is mostly useful for linux users that have to work on a windows environment from time to time. At least I don't see any benefice for a pure windows user to use Cygwin, except maybe to have a first contact with linux "command line". There are also some tools available under cygwin that can be worst to be used under windows (like rsync and/or ssh) but it is also I think useful for some kind of expert users, as you mentioned in your post.

Normally setup.exe is part of cygwin package, it should work on vista and even windows seven. Have you tried to launch it directly without the X-cygwinsetup.exe wrapper ? I unfortunatly only have test it on XP and windows2000.
I will post tomorrow a complete package with all cygwin basis exe, it might help you because you will be abble to use it without the setup.exe part.

Thanks to take some interest in this X-launcher !
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