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Bug in X-Firefox 18.0.1 [rev7]

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gio 24 gen 2013 - 12:24

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I have installed X-Firefox 18.0.1 [rev7] within an user account without administrative privileges. Now I run X-Firefox. Afterwards I switched to my other user account with administrative privileges on the same PC. When I tried again now here to start the X-Firefox, I received the following error message:

"Firefox" e gia in esecuzione

However, it should normally be possible to start Firefox at the same time in different user accounts.
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gio 24 gen 2013 - 14:58


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Hi Dropper,
this behaviour happens because actually X-firefox has "Multiple istances" disabled in the "X-Firefox.ini" file.

You can solve this small issue changing this setting in your X-Firefox.ini:


But, in any case, be careful with this kind of modification!
If, on your PC (or in another host PC) is present an "installed version" of Firefox, When you shut down Your session with "X-Firefox" (the portable ones), You risk the unrecoverable deletion of all data referred to pre-existing installation (located in %AppData%\Mozilla) !!

I might suggest to activate "multipleIstances=true" only if You are sure that an "installed Firefox" version is NOT present.
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gio 24 gen 2013 - 15:20

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The problem which you described, will only occur, if I run simultaneously two instances of Firefox (a locally installed and a portable version of Firefox) in the [b]same user account[b]. But I think, that it must be possible to alter the code in the file X-Firefox.ini accordingly for that special case. Thus it's necessary, that if two instances of Firefox running at the same time in one user account, the code will be modified, so that after the closing of the portable version of X-Firefox not the folder % AppData%\Mozilla will be deleted.

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