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24.05.18 - 13:40
For the user Blackcrack
There is a new Gimp version: 2.10.2 released on 20th of May 2018

08.05.18 - 20:37
Gimp setup-1 from 2018-05-05

08.05.18 - 20:37
i guess the new Gimp 2.10 setup-1 is a good version Scanner and Camera works too : -Link-

24.02.18 - 11:37
The "latest" LO Folder : -Link-
upps, there is a 6.0.2 version on it.. it is the mirror like it looks from TDF of LO best regards

02.02.18 - 09:01
There a link from

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winPenPack v3.5.2 released!

winPenPack has been updated to 3.5.2 version. All editions in .zip format are available in the download section.
Update 30.01.2009: the setup will not be available for this version.

Change log:

1. General changes and fixed bugs
(all editions) fixed IsClosing bug and replaced all launchers in XDrive folder: in case of incorrect or incomplete launcher closure, the "X-Software is closing" message was shown, preventing to run the Software until manual deletion of temporary files;

(all editions) added utility to close all programs and X-Softwares running from winPenPack and attempt pendrive USB ejection (EjectUSB);

(2gb, essential, school, web) improved Mozilla builder for X-Firefox, X-Thunderbird and X-Sunbird, blocked script pause on system tray, shown message during portable version creation;

(2gb, essential, school, web) added utility for a "portable" files association with different settings for each winPenPack versions (X-Cafe).

[ Read the rest.. ]
 Danix, Saturday 17 January 2009 - 21:33:03 Add a comment - comments: 1 printer friendly
 Moticanus  on: 30.01.09 - 21:31 - Comments: 76

i setup non saranno disponibili per questa versione.

In qualità di tester ne sono ben contento!


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