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How can I run automatically a program when the menu starts?
To Auto-run a program at menu startup you have to do as follows:
  1. Start Your winPenPack.
  2. In the main menu, please select "Configuration" (first upper choice)
  3. In the treeview shown in the new window, please find the program You want to auto execute, then right-click on it and select "Properties"
  4. In the following window, please select the tab "Advanced" and, in the "Autoexecute" box tick on "On Startup Only" (or "Only if no previous instances are runnig", if You want this behaviour). Click "OK" and close all opened windows.
  5. Now, please close Your winPenPack, wait for a while, and start it again. Now Your selected program for an auto-start should run automatically.

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