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winPenPack Launcher 1.4 beta2

winPenPack Launcher 1.4 Beta 2 released

Thanks to the great work of El Salvador, a member of winPenPack Team, we are glad to announce the release of winPenPack Launcher 1.4 Beta2 (the winPenPack menu without applications).

From this version, you can use the appropriate menu option "Install X-Softwares" for installing them automatically in winPenPack.

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Change log

[v1.4 beta2]

- Multiselect in Search
- Function to sort List
- Variables $Drive and $ASuite in working dir and parameter of software (and group)
- Function to export list
- Font options
- Read Only Mode for CD/DVD
- Custom icon for systray
- Scheduler
- Software option: hide items from menu trayicon
- Launcher options: Time interval (in seconds) for check list and an option to turn off it
- Launcher option: Hide tab Search and Stats
- Window for Scan folder (ex scan for executables)
- Parametri e cartella di lavoro nel collegamento nel desktop di un software
- Function to install x-software pack
- Function to load italian or english list
- Two tabs (General and Advanced) in Software Group Property

- Rewrited function Search
- Group software limited to 10 items
- Fix some memory leak
- Update function Import List (add Scheduler options from PStart)
- New header
- Others small changes
- Replaced some icons

Bug Fixes

[v1.4 beta 2]

- wPPL show "List index out of bounds (-1)" when add two or more items in a software group, without an extra click in list
- wPPL delete software's desktop link on close sofware's Property with software option "Create shortcut on desktop when ASuite is running" inactive
- wPPL popups window in desktop center and on dual monitors this means that they straddles the monitors
- wPPL's position on desktop (when user changes desktop's resolution)
- After disable hotkey options (general), hotkey doesn't work
- Mouse sensors in conflict with video players
- Function Scan doesn't scan in compressed directories
- wPPL doesn't replace the second variables in the parameters/paths field
- wPPL doesn't always preserve UNC paths
- EConvertError with system date format 'dd-MMM-yy' *Beta 2*

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