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winPenPack 3.3
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Upgrade to winPenPack 3.3 release has been completed.

Main news:
  1. As previoulsy announced, now all 5 winPenPack official editions include exclusively Free Software, released under open source licenses. This resolution originates from our will to promote free portable software growth and diffusion. winPenPack can be used, copied, redistributed under terms and accomplishment of new license.
  2. For a detailed reference of all deleted, added and/or updated programs, please refer to specific programs comparison chart, downloadable from the download section (bold names are related to items modified with respect to 3.2 release).
  3. winPenPack "Expert", including mainly "Freeware" and "Freeware for personal use" software, from now will not be developed nor distributed. Anyway, as soon as possible will be released (under Freeware license) an upgrade pack, containing winPenPack Expert programs to be integrated in winPenPack 1Gb.
  4. Has been released the new winPenPack "Game", containing portable games.
  5. From this edition has been integrated the new winPenPack menu, already available as separate download, that allow to automatically import X-Softwares, through "Install X-Software" option, downloaded from our download section, making very easy to personalize user programs collection.


We want to express our thanks to all people that persistently contribute to project growth. winPenPack Team, collaborators, users, programs authors, translators, who offer mirrors for distributions. Furthermore, a special thankfulness to Lamberto Tedaldi ( and Roberto Viola (, that always offered their full and unconditional support, also moral, to development Team.
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