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winPenPack 3.4 released


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Bug fixes released

Upgrade to winPenPack 3.4 release has been completed. Change log:

1. General changes

Updated the winPenPack localization management (details: -Link- -Link- ). The new localization mechanism, introduced by release 3.4, allow, simply changing menu language, to consistently change also programs list language (if winPenPack\User\winpenpack_launcher\ folder contains winPenPack_xx.xml file of the corresponding language) and single programs language (if available).
Included interface languages: Czech, Deutsch, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai.
Included software lists (winPenPack_xx.xml): English, Italian.

Removed all language packs. winPenPack distributions in .zip format include programs provided with all their original languages (that can be manually deleted by users, if not used), while winPenPack distributions in .exe format (setup) give the users the double choice to install all languages (multilanguage installation, selecting "Additional languages" during setup) or to include only English and Italian languages.
Mozilla programs
For Mozilla license reason, winPenPack v3.4 contains Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird in their unmodified setup form. At first run of X-Firefox, X-Thunderbird and X-Sunbird, automatically and in "silent" mode will be executed the setup (included in \Lib\Mozilla\ directory), extracting and moving all program files into \Bin folder, initially empty, and also arranges correct .ini file in \XDrive. At the end of this operation, setup file will be removed from \Lib folder.

Updated categories structure in winPenPack School.

2. Added Programs
(1gb) X-DCPlusPlus 0.706 [rev5]
(1gb) X-Halite [rev2]
(1gb) DriverBackup! 1.0.3
(game) X-Extreme Tux Racer 0.4 [rev1]
(school) X-FET 5.5.5 [rev2]
(game) Glaxium 0.5
(school) X-Indiwiki 0.9.8
(school) X-Kseg 0.401
(game) X-Mania Drive 1.2
(game) X-xMoto 0.3.4
(essential) Woodrat Reader 0.4
(school) X-Jreepad 1.5
(school) X-JstencilReport 0.3.5
(school) X-Synthesia 0.6.3
(school) X-ColoringBook 0.10
(school) X-TuxMath 1.6.2
(1gb) X-CDex 1.70 beta 2
(essential) PathSync 0.35
(1gb) X-Synkron 1.3.0
(1gb, essential) X-FreeOTFE 3.0
(game) Tic-Tac-Toe 2003.03.14
(school) OpenGF 0.2.3 Beta
(1gb) X-Atol 0.7.3 [rev2]
(1gb) X-Daphne 1.34
(1gb) X-Juice 2.2.2-a1 [rev2]
(school) X-MuseScore 0.9.2
(school) X-ArtOfIllusion 2.6 [rev2]
(school) X-TinyCAD 2.60.01 [rev2]
(game) MegaMario v1.5
(game) Portable Puzzle Collection

3. Removed programs
(1gb) MediaInfo (license reason)
(1gb, essential) X-TrueCrypt (license reason)
(1gb) X-iDCplusplus 2.03 [rev2] (replaced with X-DCPlusPlus)
(1gb) X-SharkTorrent (replaced with X-Halite)
(school) X-FreeCAD (alpha release)
(game) Nexuiz (too much great size)

4. Updated Programs
(all editions) winPenPack Launcher
(1gb) WeatherNotify 1.2.5 [rev1]
(1gb) MediaCoder [rev1]
(1gb) X-MediaPlayerClassic (ita) [rev4]
(1gb, school) X-OpenOffice 2.4 [rev12]
(1gb, web) PAMPA 0.6
(1gb, essential) X-7Zip 4.58 beta [rev3]
(school) X-Celestia 1.5.1 [rev3]
(1gb, essential) X-ClamWin 0.93
(1gb, essential) Disk Cleaner 1.5.7 (Build Feb 2008)
(1gb) X-Ditto [rev1]
(1gb) X-dvdisaster 0.71.26 [rev4]
(1gb) X-EasyTag 2.1.5 [rev3]
(1gb, essential) X-Mule 0.49a [rev11]
(1gb, web, essential) X-FileZilla [rev15]
(school) X-GeoGebra [rev3]
(1gb, school, web, essential) X-Gimp 2.4.5 [rev6]
(essential) X-Gnumeric 1.9.1(20080505) [rev2]
(school) X-Gnuplot 4.2.3 [rev3]
(1gb) X-InnoSetup (ISPack) 5.2.3 || già FIXED (no upx)
(1gb) X-ISTool (ISPack) 5.2.1 [rev2]
(1gb, school, essential) X-InfraRecorder 0.45 [rev5]
(1gb) JkDefragTWGUI 1.70
(1gb) JkDefrag 3.34
(1gb, essential) X-KeePass 1.11 [rev8]
(web) e107 v0.7.11 (it-en)
(game) X-PokerTH 0.6.1 [rev3]
(1gb, web) X-Notepad++ 4.9.2 [rev4] (Aspell
(1gb, essential, school) X-Pidgin 2.4.1 [rev4]
(1gb, essential, school, web) X-SciTE 1.76 [rev4]
(1gb, school) X-Scribus [rev3]
(school) X-Stellarium 0.9.1 [rev3]
(1gb, essential, school) X-SumatraPDF 0.8 [rev 3]
(school) X-TuxPaint 0.9.19 [rev3]
(school) X-TuxType 1.5.17 [rev4]
(1gb, essential) X-VideoLAN 0.8.6f [rev2]
(1gb, essential) X-VirtualDub 1.7.8
(1gb) X-VirtuaWin 4.0.1 [rev3]
(game) Solo (Sudoku) r7849
(1gb) X-WinHTTrack 3.42-2 [rev3]
(1gb, school) X-Virtual Magnifying Glass 3.3.1
(1gb, web) X-WinMerge 2.8.0 [rev4]
(1gb) Wiki on a Stick 0.9.6 Beta
(1gb) X-xpy 0.9.12 [rev 2]
(essential, 1gb) X-Http File Server 2.3 beta Build 185 [rev 3]
(game) X-Risk
(game) X-HattrickOrganizer 1.400 [rev2]
(school) X-FreeMind 0.9.0 Beta16 [rev2]
(essential, 1gb) X-Abakt 0.9.5 [rev3]
(essential, 1gb, school) X-AstroGrep 4.1.4 [rev2]
(1gb, school) X-StarDict 3.0.1 [rev3]
(1gb, school) X-Planner 0.14.2 [rev3]
(1gb) X-UPXShell [rev2]
(essential) X-PopTray 3.2 [rev2]
(essential) X-AbiWord 2.6.3 [rev5]
(school) X-InkScape 0.46 [rev4]
(essential, 1gb) X-WinDirStat 1.1.2 [rev2]
(essential, 1gb, web) X-KompoZer 0.7.10 [rev4]
(essential, 1gb, school, web) X-Firefox [rev 8 bilingual builder]
(essential, 1gb, school) X-Thunderbird [rev 5 bilingual builder]
(essential, 1gb, school) X-Sunbird 0.8 [rev 5 bilingual builder]
(1gb) X-MirandaIM 0.7.6 [rev4]
(essential, 1gb, school) X-ANote 4.2.1 [rev4]
(1gb) X-WinSCP 4.0.7 [rev6]
(1gb) Checkmate MP3 checker 1.18
(school) X-Solfege 3.10.4 [rev3]
(essential, 1gb, school) X-Audacity 1.3.5 beta [rev5]
(1gb, essential) Antrenamer 2.10.0

5. Updated Libraries
(1gb, school) Ghostscript 8.61
(essential, 1gb, school) GTK+ for Windows 2.12.8 Rev A
(1gb, game, school) Java SE Runtime Environment 6 (update6)

6. Removed Libraries
(school) Autopano (license reason)

7. Portabilized/localized Programs

Packed into X-Software form following programs (natively portable) for allowing new localization management and to save options
into \User\Program_Name folder:

(1gb) X-WeatherNotify 1.2.5 [rev1]
(1gb) X-MediaCoder [rev1]
(1gb, web) X-wpp_pampa 0.6 [rev1]
(1gb) X-Ditto [rev1]
(1gb, school) X-Virtual Magnifying Glass 3.3.1
(1gb) X-DCFirewall 1.3.118
(1gb) X-MultiMediaCenter 1.0 RC3
(1gb) X-TYPSoft FTP Server 1.10
(1gb) X-UniExtract 1.5

Here is the complete list of Portable Softwares (without launcher) contained in all 5 winPenPack editions. For update them, please remember that such programs save their settings into their own folder, and not into \User\Program_Name folder:

(1gb) AntMovieCatalog
(1gb, essential) Antrenamer
(1gb) Checkmate MP3 checker
(1gb, essential) DiskCleaner
(1gb, essential) Drive Cleanup Wizard
(1gb) DriverBackup
(1gb) MemTest-86
(1gb) LockNote
(1gb) JKDefragTWGUI + JKDefrag
(1gb) InstallFix Security Suite
(1gb) Money Manager Ex
(1gb) Partition Logic
(1gb) pdftk
(1gb) Wiki on a Stick
(1gb) regedt33
(1gb) winMd5Sum
(essential) PixaMSN
(essential) Woodrat Reader
(game) foobillard
(game) glaxium
(game) lbreakout2
(game) Portable Puzzle Collection
(game) Solo
(game) The Open Racing Car Simulator
(game) yoda soccer
(school) MPlayer MPUI
(1gb, essential) PathSync
(game) Tic-Tac-Toe
(school) OpenGF
(game) MegaMario

8. Fixed Bugs

(1gb) Bug X-OpenOffice 2.2.3 [rev9] -Link-

(1gb, school, essential) Bug X-ANote 4.2.1 [rev3] -Link-

(1gb) Bug X-ISTool 5.2.1 -Link-

(1gb, school, essential) Bug X-InfraRecorder 0.44.1 [rev3] -Link-

(school) Bug X-Hugin 0.7b4 [rev5] -Link-

(all editions) Bug winPenPack menu -Link-

(all editions) Removed winPenPack uninstall procedure (setup.exe) because,
changing drive letter, this procedure will not successfully finished

9. Requirements

Some programs require .NET Framework to be installed into used PC:
(1gb) X-WeatherNotify
(1gb) winMd5Sum
(essential, 1gb, school) X-AstroGrep

Some X-Softwares require Java (already included into \Lib\Java)

(school) X-Hugin requires Autopano ( -Link- )or Autopano-Sift ( -Link- )to add into \Lib directory

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