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X-Launcher Pack 1.3 released today!

X-Launcher Pack 1.3 released

Today we released a pack containing all X-Software_launchers, included both in winPenPack and single X-Softwares, updated to 1.3 version. We strongly recommend the update of all launchers only for software versions in download on today's date (22/10/2008) and older, but not for the newer ones.
The upgrade can be made:

- Manually: overwriting X-Software.exe and English_users\ X-Software.ini files into X-Software main folder (if used standalone) or into \winPenPack\XDrive folder (if included into winPenPack).

- Automatically: importing each new launcher into winPenPack Menu through "Install X-Software..." option. In this case be sure that, during installation, your own copy of X-Software to be updated is NOT RUNNING.

The Launcher pack can be downloaded from this page.
Possible fixes will be released in this forum section.
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