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X-Launcher Pack 1.3 [rev2] released!

X-Launcher Pack 1.3 [rev2] released!

After about a month and a half from new X-Launcher 1.3 release, we have completed the upgrade of whole winPenPack X-Software collection. X-Softwares signaled as virus have been removed or fixed and the full collection is now distributed without UPX compression, to avoid other false positives alarms.
Therefore, today we released a completly update-pack (that replaces the previous one) containing all X-Software_launchers included in winPenPack, in single X-Softwares and in the Launchers section of website, updated to 1.3 version and tested with the software versions referred to each program.
We strongly recommend this update of launchers only for software versions in download until today's date (29/11/2008) and older, but not for the newer ones.

The upgrade can be made:

- Manually: overwriting X-Software.exe and English_users\ X-Software.ini files into X-Software main folder (if used standalone) or into \winPenPack\XDrive folder (if included into winPenPack).

- Automatically: importing each new launcher into winPenPack Menu through "Install X-Software..." option. In this case the old X-Software must NOT BE IN USE while updating.

X-Launcher Pack 1.3 [rev2] can be downloaded from this page. It includes 242 X-Launchers, between which 203 X-Software_launchers, 36 X-Launchers and the following 10 X-Software_launchers present only in winPenPack collections. These last 10, at moment are not tested yet and will be improved when winPenPack v3.5 will be released:

X-TYPSoft FTP Server

Have been removed from the collection 25 X-Softwares/X-Launchers:

X-ActiveXHelper (now portable)
X-Canorus (fonts visualization problems -Link- )
X-CDCheck (Freeware not portable -Link-
X-CurrProcess (now portable)
X-Daphne (now portable -Link-
X-DriverView (now portable)
X-ESBCalc (now portable)
X-FlyingGuns (bug portability with Java -Link-
X-FreeCAD (unstable alpha release -Link-
X-IconsExtract (now portable)
X-InfraRecorder (license limitations -Link- )
X-JPEGView (now portable)
X-MulePlus (no more supported by winPenPack)
X-Mule_AdunanzA (no more supported by winPenPack -Link- )
X-MyUninstaller (now portable)
X-NoteCase (unstable version -Link-
X-ProduKey (now portable)
X-RSciTE (no more supported by winPenPack -Link- )
X-ServiWin (now portable)
X-SpeedCrunch (now portable)
X-TrueCrypt (license limitations -Link-
X-VirtuaWin (now portable)
X-Wengo (no more supported by winPenPack)
X-WhoisThisDomain (now portable)
X-xCollect (virus problems -Link- )

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