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e107 CMS portable
Do you want to handle your own e107 WebSite also on an USB Pendrive? Now you can! Thanks to a partnership between e107Italia and winPenPack, from now on it will be possible to install, manage and personalize own sites in e107 on USB pendrive, always updated at the latest version!

We have just released X-wpp_Pampa (with e107 0.7.14), an application based on Web Server Pampa, developed by Andrea Giammarchi and customized specifically for winPenPack, that allows you to create the AMP environment (Apache, MySQL and PHP) for managing e107 website, without installing anything: all you need is already included in the package. Of course, you can also manage your databases, ever on USB pendrive, accessing directly to PhpMyAdmin, without leaving any trace in the host computer.

From now on, whenever e107 CMS will be updated, winPenPack will release the complete package containing the latest e107 version translated in Italian by e107Italia.

e107 English Support:
e107 Italian support: e107Italia
Portabilization Support: winPenPack Team
Web Server Pampa Support:
Download: click HERE

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