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Open Office Fonts

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mer 23 set 2009 - 21:48
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How do I add fonts to Portable Open Office Impress?

I'm using Portable Impress for presentations via several PCs that are not mine. The fonts I want to use are not installed on these PCs. Am I stuck with the core fonts that are in stalled in Impress? Or is there a way to add fonts to the portable environment and not the host PC?

Thanks for your assistance.
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gio 24 set 2009 - 09:24

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Hi fcarson,
as I know, at this moment uses only the fonts installed in the host PC.
You could try a couple of tricks:
1) Use FontOOo -Link- and see if it works as they declare ("FontOOo only installs fonts for and doesn't perform any OS level font installation."). I don't know if this is possible also for portable version, but you can try...
2) Embed fonts into the document, saving in PDF hybrid format, as you can see here: -Link-
Hope it helps...
Best Regards
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