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Wiki on a Stick 0.12.0

Developer: Daniele C
Author website: -Link-
Last Updated: Monday 21 June 2010 - 22:16:06
Size: 417 kB
Downloads: 5674
 9.3 - 3 votes 

[It] Wiki che consiste in un semplice file HTML da copiare su una USB Pen. Permette di realizzare un wiki personale appoggiandosi a una sola pagina html, senza bisogno di php o database MySQL per funzionare.

[En] Wiki on a Stick (in short WoaS) is a wiki that lives in one self-modifying XHTML file. It's perfect to be used at home or at office, on your laptop or USB pen drive and even in a floppy disk! It can be used as a personal notepad, calendar, repository for software documentation and many other things; it allows full customization and extension by your own scripts or libraries. It also offers true AES encryption of pages.

Estrazione e uso/How to extract and use:
[It] decomprimere l' ed avviare woas-x.xx.x.html
[En] extract the ZIP package to any folder of your choice and launch woas-x.xx.x.html

Versione/Version: 0.12.0
Lingua/Language: Inglese / English
Licenza/License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

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