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Meditor’s 4.0 alpha

Developer: Andreas Mascher
Last Updated: Saturday 19 May 2007 - 20:01:35
Size: 699 kB
Downloads: 4774
Not rated 

Editor professionale di codice.
"Meditor's is a professional Source-Code Editor for Windows. The new version is very fast in loading time and also very small and easy to use. While it can serve as an good replacement for the in Windows integrated Notepad it is also a splendig Tool for programming languages such as Pascal, C/C++, Perl, HTML, PHP, Java and many other types of syntax."

Estrazione e uso/How to extract and use: decomprimere il file ed avviare il programma eseguendo Meditors.exe
Versione/Version: 4.0 alpha
Licenza/License: Freeware

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 zandet2  on: 21.07.07 - 10:22 - Comments: 37

-- Segnalazione --

pagina web ufficiale del software: - link rimosso -

 rbon  on: 17.06.09 - 08:36 - Comments: 12

Il sito non esiste più e nemmeno l'email.
L'autore, un giornalista tedesco, ha smesso di programmare. E' amico di Simon Tatham (il creatore di Putty).

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