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FBIde 0.4.6 R4 - FreeBASIC 1.10.1

Developer: freeBASIC Team
Author website: -Link-
Last Updated: Friday 29 December 2023 - 09:47:45
Size: 6.04 MB
Downloads: 10335
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[It] Compilatore BASIC a 32 bit, multipiattaforma per DOS, Linux e Windows per produrre degli eseguibili .exe.
Ha una sintassi il più possibile compatibile con il vecchio MS-QuickBASIC (per DOS) e presenta le seguenti features:

  • compilatore a 32 bit fbc.exe (gnu gcc modificato per freeBASIC)
  • debugging support gdb.exe (gnu debugger)
  • in-line Assembly (linguaggio macchina Assembler)
  • supporto completo alle librerie del linguaggio C
  • supporto parziale alle librerie del linguaggio C++
  • non necessita di librerie esterne
  • il programma funziona da linea di comando DOS e necessita dell’IDE per freeBASIC che è stato tradotto in italiano

[En] is a completely free, open-source, 32-bit BASIC compiler, with syntax similar to MS-QuickBASIC, that adds new features such as pointers, unsigned data types, inline assembly, object orientation, and many others. mail features are:

  • Multi-platform
  • Multi-threading
  • Most of the known C libraries can be used directly, without wrappers
  • Unicode support
  • A large number of variable types available
  • BASIC Compatibility
  • Built-in gfx library
  • Clean Syntax
  • Create OBJ's, LIB's, DLL's, and console or GUI EXE's
  • Debugging support
  • Enumerations (ENUM's)
  • Escape characters inside literal strings
  • Function overloading
  • Unlimited number of symbols
  • User-defined Types (UDT's)
  • Variable initializers (including arrays and UDT's)

Estrazione e uso/How to extract and use:

[It] decomprimere il file ed utilizzare il contenuto della cartella \app. Sostituire il compilatore freeBASIC contenuto nell'IDE (v0.15) con l'ultimo compilatore freeBASIC (v1.09) reperibile qui a 32bit oppure reperibile qui a bit..

[En] extract the content of file and use the content of the \app folder. Replace the freeBASIC complier present in IDE (v0.15) with the last one (v1.09) downloadable from here for 32bit or here for 64bit.

Versione/Version: FBIde 0.4.6 R4 - freeBASIC 1.10.1
Licenza/License: GNU General Public License

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