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X-Launcher - tutorial (english)

Developer: Steve Robinson and Ron Miller
Last Updated: Friday 14 March 2014 - 12:44:48
Size: 75.77 kB
Downloads: 14101
 10.0 - 2 votes 

X-Launcher v1.1 tutorial translated from Italian to English by Steve Robinson and updated to 1.4.2 version by Ron Miller.
X-Launcher Version: 1.4.2
License: winPenPack License Agreement

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 jrrsd03  on: 03.02.11 - 17:13 - Comments: 1

The tutorial that downloads is the Italian version, NOT the English version.

 Danix  on: 03.02.11 - 17:43 - Comments: 241

Thanks for signaling the problem. I have updated the link now. What worries is that from Saturday 10 May 2008 no one ever reported the broken download..

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