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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

(Last revision: 04.03.2009)

The Forum is a site visited by persons who share the same passion, accepting to discuss their points of view in an urbane fashion. We then ask to keep always a behaviour appropriate to a public place. Usage of softwares, materials and contents located in this site involve the reading and the acceptance of Terms and Conditions and Usage Terms. Our Privacy Policy can be consulted at this link.

  1. Is forbidden to make multiple registrations in order to have different identities (ban risk). In case of lost password or login failure, please contact an Administrator.

  2. Is permitted to talk about any topic argument, totally respecting all other users. The used speech must not degenerate into vulgarity or indecency.

  3. Search before opening a new thread or ask for help.

  4. Spamming, Cross-posting, UP and Off-topic are forbidden.

  5. Posts disrespectful or restrictive of individual freedom about thought, belief, religion are not allowed.

  6. Inserting and/or demanding links addressing to forums with warez contents and/or infringing author's rights and/or to server addressing to IRC channels containing illegal files is absolutely forbidden. Is also forbidden to insert or demand serial codes or cracks. It is forbidden to insert into the user signature links to manifestly commercial content sites.

  7. Is forbidden to open threads with generic titles and/or not related with the section topic. All users must open new threads and/or post new messages in pertaining forum sections, subdivided into cathegory and argument, making easy to search and recognize message types. Any topic considered off topic will be first warned and then deleted.

  8. Help requests regarding programs, launchers and winPenPack must be always performed pointing out as simply as possible: program name with relative link to download page on winPenPack website, launcher name and/or installed winPenPack references.

  9. Before submitting a software, an update or a bug, read carefully all relative guidelines. How to signal a bug? How to signal a portable software? How to signal a portable software update? How to ask a portabilization? How to develop an X-Software? What is the "Programs that CAN'T be made portable" section?

  10. Is forbidden to write SMS abbreviations, or phrases with capital letters, for allowing easy reading to all users.

  11. In order to preserve the topics readability, each user's signature cannot exceed 60 pixels height. Forum Administrators and Moderators reserve themself the right to modify and/or delete without prior notice signatures that do not respect such limits.

  12. Is forbidden to ask for help, write code or any long string not containing spaces into Chat Box. Please, use the Forum.

  13. Is forbidden to ask for help in Comments. Please, use the Forum.

  14. Is forbidden to ask for help by e-Mail or by the Contact section. Please, use the Forum.

  15. Forum Administrator and Moderator does not assume any responsibility over not explicitly declared third party sentences or citations. Users can signal such violations using "signal discussion" post option. In the ultimate case an user insists with this behaviour, Administrators and Moderators reserve themself the right to ban it from the forum, temporarily or definitively.

  16. Forum Administrators and Moderators reserve themself the right to modify and/or delete forum posts that would infringe forum rules, and also to ban,temporarily or definitively, IP Address of their author.