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winPenPack v3.5 released!


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Testing on v3.5

Upgrade to winPenPack 3.5 release has been completed. All editions in .zip format are now available in download section.

Change log:

1. winPenPacks size notes (compared to v3.4)

All languages (.zip or setup.exe):

(2gb) 895 MB --> 1,62 GB
(essential) 314 MB --> 844 MB
(game) 456 MB --> 966 MB
(school) 1,18 GB --> 1,51 GB
(web) 176 MB --> 266 MB

Only Italian and English (setup.exe):

(2gb) 781 MB --> 1,45 GB
(essential) 192 MB --> 745 MB
(game) 452 MB --> 869 MB
(school) 961 MB --> 1,28 GB
(web) 129 MB --> 208 MB

2. General changes
(all editions) updated winPenPack Launcher to 1.4.177 version, that fixes a bug related to X-Software installation on menu;

(all editions) added different System Tray icons, one color for each winPenPack edition;

(all editions) updated all X-Softwares (even those not listed in point 5, "Updated Programs"), to version 1.3 of X-Launcher, that fixes several bugs, also improving launchers and programs general performance;

(all editions) due to some reports concerning the presence of viruses in winPenPack v3.4 ( -Link- ), reported programs have been removed or fixed; all softwares are now in uncompressed format. This will avoid most false positive signalling (all our programs are virus-free tested) and will improve safety feeling during usage of these programs;

(1gb/2gb) due to the number of programs in uncompressed format and space required to contain them, the Flash 1Gb edition has been renamed in Flash 2Gb;

(game) modified the structure and the games classification in winPenPack Game;

(2gb, essential, school) modified the structure, the applications classification and the subdivision of categories in winPenPack 2Gb, Essential and School;

(all editions) some bug fixed ( -Link- ).

3. Added Programs
(2gb) CrystalCPUID
(2gb) CrystalDiskInfo 2.0.2b
(2gb) X-Blender 2.48a [rev5]
(2gb) X-BonkEnc 1.0.9 [rev1]
(2gb) X-DivFix++ 0.30 [rev2]
(2gb) X-Inkscape 0.46 [rev7]
(2gb) X-QuteCom 2.2 rc2 [rev1]
(2gb) X-WinFF 0.43 [rev1]

(2gb, school) SpeedCrunch 0.10.1
(2gb, school) X-Translate.Net 0.1.3201.2086 [rev5]

(2gb, essential) JPEGView 1.0.18
(2gb, essential) X-Lightscreen 0.5 [rev1]
(2gb, essential) X-xVideoServiceThief 1.8.2 Alpha [rev4]

(2gb, essential, school) X-CdrTools FrontEnd 1.3.3 [rev2]

(essential) X-Halite [rev5]
(essential) 3.0.0 [rev7]
(essential) X-DékiBulle 3.31

(game) 2H4U : Too Hard For You 1.3
(game) Asteroids-3D 1.1
(game) Bos Wars 2.5
(game) CG Madness 1.2.2
(game) Cube 2005_08_29
(game) Defendguin 0.0.9
(game) Entombed! 2005.01.17b
(game) Glest 3.1.2
(game) Open Arkanoid 1.5
(game) OpenSnake 0.04
(game) PipeWalker 0.4.3
(game) Ri-li 2.0.1
(game) Submarine 0.11b
(game) TETRIS Queen 1.4.1
(game) Trophy 1.1.1
(game) Vectoroids 1.1.0.a

(school) MiniPiano 2.5
(school) X-VideoLan 0.9.8a [rev5]

(web) Wiki on a Stick 0.9.6 Beta
(web) X-Pickard 1.1 [rev1]
(web) X-WinSCP 4.1.8 [rev11]

4. Removed programs
(2gb) JKDefragTWGUI (virus problems/false positives)
(2gb) MemTest-86 (it is not a utility to use on pendrive USB)
(2gb) Partition logic (it is not a utility to use on pendrive USB)
(2gb) Wiki on a Stick (moved to wpp web)
(2gb) X-GraphCalc (not suitable for wpp 2gb)
(2gb) X-IPScan (virus problems/false positives)
(2gb) X-MediaCoder (License restrictions)
(2gb) X-MultiMediaCenter (old software, 22nd October 2005)
(2gb) X-StarDict (replaced by X-Translate.Net)
(2gb) X-TYPSoft FTP Server

(2gb, essential, school) X-InfraRecorder (License restrictions)
(2gb, essential) X-Winpooch (not compatible with Windows XP sp3/Windows Vista)

(essential) Ant Renamer
(essential) PixaMSN
(essential) Woodrat Reader
(essential) X-Abakt
(essential) X-Abiword (replaced by X-OpenOffice)
(essential) X-Audacity
(essential) X-CamStudio
(essential) X-Eraser
(essential) X-FreeOTFE
(essential) X-Gnumeric (replaced by X-OpenOffice)
(essential) X-StartupManager
(essential) X-VirtualDub
(essential) X-WinDirStat

(school) X-ArtofIllusion
(school) X-Blender
(school) X-Hugin (autopano.exe License restrictions)
(school) X-Inkscape
(school) X-TinyCAD
(school) X-WinTeXmacs

5. Updated Programs
(2gb) Ant Movie Catalog
(2gb) Daphne 1.38
(2gb) GUIPdftk + Pdftk 0.49/0.41
(2gb) JKDefrag 3.36
(2gb) Money Manager Ex
(2gb) X-CamStudio 2.5 beta1 [rev2]
(2gb) X-CDex 1.70 beta 2 [rev2]
(2gb) X-DcFirewall 1.3.113 [rev2]
(2gb) X-DCPlusPlus 0.7091 [rev6]
(2gb) X-Ditto [rev2]
(2gb) X-dvdisaster 0.71.26 [rev6]
(2gb) X-EasyTag 2.1.6 [rev5]
(2gb) X-Eraser 5.83 Beta [rev2]
(2gb) X-FreeOTFE 4.40 [rev2]
(2gb) X-Halite [rev5]
(2gb) X-InnoSetup (ISPack) 5.2.3 [rev2]
(2gb) X-ISTool (ISPack) 5.2.3 [rev3]
(2gb) X-MagicMailMonitor 2.94b18 [rev6]
(2gb) X-Media Player Classic [ rev6]
(2gb) X-MetMedic 3.4 [rev2]
(2gb) X-Miranda IM 0.7.13 [rev6]
(2gb) X-MP3Gain 1.3.4 Beta [rev4]
(2gb) X-Process Controller 3.0 [rev3]
(2gb) X-Pserv.cpl 2.7 [rev1]
(2gb) X-RegShot 1.8.2 [rev4]
(2gb) X-RSSOwl 1.2.4 [rev3]
(2gb) X-StartupManager 2.4.2 [rev5]
(2gb) X-Synkron 1.5.0 [rev3]
(2gb) X-TaskSwitchXP 2.0.11 [rev3]
(2gb) X-TightVNC 1.3.9 [rev2]
(2gb) X-UniExtract 1.6 [rev2]
(2gb) X-VirtualDub 1.8.6 [rev1]
(2gb) X-WeatherNotify 1.2.5 [rev3]
(2gb) X-WinHTTrack 3.43-2 [rev4]
(2gb) X-WinSCP 4.1.8 [rev11]
(2gb) X-xpy 0.10.9 [rev 4]

(2gb, essential) X-7Zip 4.62 [rev5]
(2gb, essential) X-ClamWin 0.94.1 [rev1]
(2gb, essential) X-HttpFileServer 2.3 beta Build 217 [rev4]
(2gb, essential) X-KeePass 1.14 [rev9]
(2gb, essential) X-Mule 0.49b [rev13]
(2gb, essential) X-Screamer Radio 0.4.3 [rev2]
(2gb, essential) X-VideoLan 0.9.8a [rev5]

(2gb, school) X-Magnifying Glass 3.3.2 [rev3]
(2gb, school) X-PosteRazor 1.5.2 [rev4]
(2gb, school) X-Audacity 1.3.6 [rev7]
(2gb, school) X-Planner 0.14.2 [rev5]
(2gb, school) 3.0.0 [rev7]
(2gb, school) X-Scribus [rev6]

(2gb, web) X-Notepad++ 5.1.2 [rev8]
(2gb, web) X-WinMerge 2.10.2 [rev9]
(2gb, web) X-wpp_Pampa 0.6 [rev5]

(2gb, essential, school) SumatraPDF 0.9.3
(2gb, essential, school) X-Pidgin 2.5.2 [rev7]
(2gb, essential, school) X-AstroGrep 4.1.4 [rev3]
(2gb, essential, school) X-Thunderbird [rev3]
(2gb, essential, school) X-Sunbird 0.9 [rev4]

(2gb, essential, web) X-FileZilla 3.1.6 [rev18]
(2gb, essential, web) X-KompoZer 0.7.10 [rev6]

(2gb, essential, school, web) X-Gimp 2.6.3 [rev11]
(2gb, essential, school, web) X-Firefox 3.0.5 [rev11]
(2gb, essential, school, web) X-SciTE 1.77 [rev5]

(school) X-ColoringBook 0.10 [rev2]
(school) X-Dia 0.96.1-8 [rev5]
(school) X-FET 5.7.6 [rev3]
(school) X-FreeMind 0.9.0 b20 [rev3]
(school) X-GeoGebra [rev4]
(school) X-GEONExT 1.71 [rev3]
(school) X-GnuPlot 4.2.4 [rev3]
(school) X-Indywiki [rev3]
(school) X-LeoCAD 0.75 [rev3]
(school) X-MuseScore 0.9.3 [rev2]
(school) X-Psycle 1.8.5 [rev5]
(school) X-Solfege 3.12.0 [rev5]
(school) X-Stellarium 0.10.0 beta [rev3]
(school) X-Synthesia 0.6.1a [rev2] (last version released under MIT License)
(school) X-TuxMath 1.7.0 [rev2]
(school) X-TuxPaint 0.9.20b [rev5]
(school) X-TuxType 1.5.17 [rev5]
(school) X-Workrave 1.9.0 [rev6]

(game) X-PokerTH 0.6.3 [rev4]
(game) X-xMoto 0.5.0 [rev2]
(game) X-HattrickOrganizer 1.421 [rev2]
(game) X-Etracer 0.4 [rev2]
(essential) X-PopTray 3.2 [rev5]
(web) e107 Website System 0.7.15

6. Added Libraries
(2gb) Python 2.5.2
(2gb, school) FFmpeg 2008.10.17
(essential) Java Runtime Environment 6 update 11

7. Removed Libraries
(school) Enblend
(essential) LAME Encoder

8. Updated Libraries
(2gb, essential, school) GTK+ for Windows 2.12.12 Rev A
(2gb, school) Ghostscript 8.63
(2gb, school) LAME Encoder 3.98.2
(2gb, school, game) Java Runtime Environment 6 update 11

9. Applications become X-Softwares
(2gb) X-DriverBackup! 2.0 [rev1]

10. Applications become Portable Softwares
(2gb) VirtuaWin 4.0.1
(2gb, essential, school) SumatraPDF 0.9.3

11. Requirements
Programs that require Microsoft .NET Framework installed into used PC:

(2gb) X-WeatherNotify
(2gb) winMd5Sum
(2gb) X-DriverBackup!
(2gb) X-QuteCom
(2gb, school) X-Translate.Net
(2gb, essential, school) X-AstroGrep

Java Runtime Environment ( -Link- ), already included into \Lib\Java:
(2gb, school, essential, game) some X-Softwares

Python ( -Link- ), already included into \Lib\Python:
(2gb) X-Blender
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