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Updating and improvement of winPenPack documentation
winPenPack documentation is now even more complete with the publication of a new user guide, (winPenPack Menù Guide). This has been made possible thanks to the essential contribution of Roberto Angius (Roan), new documentation Editor (winPenPack Doc Editor), who recently officially joined in the winPenPack Team. The invitation to follow the example of Roan, contributing with ideas, suggestions, new tutorial is still valid for everyone, and we really hope other people will follow his example. A real community grows up mainly due to the cooperation of everyone. This behaviour could lead benefits to the whole project.
The new Guide user guide deals in detail with all the functions and options available in the winPenPack menu. A good knowledge of such features not only makes it easier to use winPenPack, it also makes working with it a lot more enjoyable. WinPenPack offers a wide range of suite costumization possibilities (and related info) that can be easily accessed from the menu. Why settle for default settings, when you can create your own, personalized winPenPack? There is an endless list of changes you can make, as winPenPack can be constantly and easily improved to match your needs and personal tastes. For instance, you can rename menu entries and manage the file tree, change your menu fonts and set your own personal desktop. You can create new categories and subcategories and also get a fully automated installation of any X-Software.

When using winPenPack, the sky really is the limit!
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