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Other menu functions
The functions on the "Menu" and "Configuration" windows are the following:

  • The Documents folder contains all files created by wPP programs,and in it you can also copy and paste personal files. (hint: in this case, you should check the folder quite often to make sure you have enough free space on your USB flash drive)

  • The Downloads folder: all files downloaded from the internet will be automatically saved here. (hint: same as above)

  • The winPenPack folders category lists all winPenPack "system folders"

  • The wPP Flash 2Gb folder (the name and release version can vary, depending on the version of the wPP suite you installed). Here are is stored the complete documentation of the wPP suite (the Applications list, User's guide and License, Links to other downloadable applications, and Instructions on how to flag a wPP bug)

  • The Files association option controls file associations, that is, you can select which program should open a determined file extension. For example, you can choose whether a
  • .mp3 file should open in a program on the host PC, or with the default application in the wPP suite)

  • The Exit and remove USB option enables you to close the wPP suite and safely remove your USB flash drive from the host PC

  • The Search, Stats and About options are self-explanatory.

  • In the wPP menu, winPenPack item (the one with the small house icon) is a direct link to wPP home page. The Save List item enables you to save the menu list with one click.

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