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X-RSSOwl-2 2.2.1 [rev9]

Developer: Benjamin Pasero/winPenPack Team
Author website: -Link-
Last Updated: Tuesday 21 October 2014 - 23:15:21
Size: 15.59 MB
Downloads: 8354
 4.5 - 2 votes 

[It] RSSOwl è un aggregatore di feed RSS, RDF e ATOM che offre la possibilità di esportare le news in formato PDF e di eseguire import ed export di file OPML.
Per cambiare la lingua dall'inglese: Menu >> Tools >> Language >> Download Additional Languages

[En] RSSOwl is a news aggregator for RSS and Atom News feeds. It is written in Java, and uses SWT as a widget toolkit to allow it to fit in with the look and feel of different operating systems while remaining cross-platform. Released under the Eclipse Public License, RSSOwl is free software.
To change language from english: Menu >> Tools >> Language >> Download Additional Languages

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) required!
Attention: This software requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE)!
If JRE is not present in your system, the setup will be downloaded and installed automatically in winPenPack "Lib" directory.
Please, make sure you have an active Internet connection! Click here for more info about X-Softwares and JRE.

Versione/Version: Software [2.2.1] - X-Launcher [1.5.4] - INI [rev9]
Licenza Software/Software License: Eclipse Public License
Licenza Launcher/Launcher License: winPenPack License Agreement
Codice Sorgente/Source Code: Launcher source - RSSOwl source
Lingua/Language: (Multilingual)
Dettagli/Details: -Link-
Modifiche/Changes :
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 lorret  on: 10.09.10 - 09:08 - Comments: 1

Are there any advantages of using RSSown in comparison to Omea? In this video Comparing-Free-Desktop-RSS-Readers-RSSowl-Feedreader-Omea I didn't find anything remarkable

 dito  on: 19.08.11 - 15:41 - Comments: 14

Dalla versione 2.1.2 vi è la possibilità del download della lingua italiana (dal sito di RSSOwl: "This release enables the installation of additional languages into RSSOwl (from Tools | Language") o di scaricare direttamente il programma (file .zip not portable) localizzato in italiano -Link-

 dropper  on: 20.08.11 - 14:45 - Comments: 1

Thank you for this advice. Do you know, if some issues occurs in conjunction with the installation of a language, i.e. can be compromised the portability?

 pegasocv  on: 08.09.11 - 21:25 - Comments: 81

Ciao bella gente,
volevo solo avvisare che ho prelevato l'ultimo aggiornamento e ho visto che l'interfaccia è in italiano.
Grazie mille.

 RiBeZZZ  on: 20.06.20 - 12:22 - Comments: 1

volevo sapere se è possibile sostituire gli eseguibili di RSSOwl con quelli di RSSOwlnix, un fork di RSSOwl attivamente sviluppato: -Link-


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