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X-GnuCash 2.6.4-2 [rev15]

Developer: GnuCash Project/winPenPack Team
Author website: -Link-
Last Updated: Tuesday 04 November 2014 - 23:58:23
Size: 126.87 MB
Downloads: 9869
 9.5 - 2 votes 

[It] GnuCah è un software che permette di gestire le proprie finanze personali. Progettato per essere utilizzato agevolmente, consente di gestire i propri conti in tutte le valute ed è in grado di creare report grafici personalizzabili con facilità. Per l'utilizzo di questo software sono richiesti i diritti amministrativi sul computer in uso.
Nota: causa incompatibilità con le versioni precedenti, prima di aggiornare il software rimuovere manualmente la cartella \Bin\gnucash\bin

[En] GnuCash is personal and small-business financial-accounting software. Designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports. Admin rights on host pc required.
Note: due to incompatibilty with previous versions, before update the program manually delete the folder \Bin\gnucash\bin

Versione/Version: Software [2.6.4-2] - X-Launcher [1.6.0_beta] - INI [rev15]
Licenza Software/Software License: GNU General Public License
Licenza Launcher/Launcher License: winPenPack License Agreement
Codice Sorgente/Source Code: Launcher source - GnuCash source
Lingua/Language: (Multilingual)
Modifiche/Changes :

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 rypit  on: 19.10.07 - 14:54 - Comments: 7

file cosi' grossi andrebbero messi su server esterni cosi' da andare piu' veloci....

o almeno almeno avere il codice MD5 per verificarli alla fine

 kim.wood  on: 26.08.09 - 13:48 - Comments: 10

Sorry, but I do not speak Italian. I love the work done on this site. Well done. GnuCash 2.3.4 rev 7 will not load. It fails at startup as it loads the reports module. It has not worked as a portable since r18248. The nightly build incorporated some changes around then related to reports failing on the Windows build. It would be fantastic if one of you could look at it and release a working rev 8. I got rev 7 to run with any 2.3.4 nightly build no later that r18248, but not with any later build. Anyway, good luck and thank you very much for all your fine work.


Kim Wood

 zandet2  on: 26.08.09 - 14:37 - Comments: 37

Hi kim.wood,
as noticed this is an unstable version, even I was not able to run it on W2000Pro (but it works well on XP SP3); alternatively you can use the latest stable version 2.2.9 .

Anyhow, please report any problem on the forum, you can obtain more help.

Thank you for the appreciation for the winPenPack Project!

 kim.wood  on: 29.12.10 - 06:09 - Comments: 10

Dear WinPenPack, have released stable version 2.4.0 Is it possible to update your beta version of X-GnuCash 2.3.14 to the new 2.4.0 release?

Thank you and congratulations on all of your hard work.


Kim Wood

 Danix  on: 31.12.10 - 11:49 - Comments: 241

Hi kim.wood,

the new version is available in "Pre-release/Beta-version" forum section -Link-

Please, let us know if it works correctly!

 kim.wood  on: 01.01.11 - 04:29 - Comments: 10

Dear WinPenPack,

You are so fast! I am downloading the new X-GnuCash 2.4.0 pre-release version now. I will test it and provide you with feedback very quickly.

Thank you very much.


Kim Wood

 kim.wood  on: 01.01.11 - 06:16 - Comments: 10

Dear WinPenPack,

I have now had the opportunity to try the functionality of the pre-release X-GnuCash_2.4.0_rev_11. It works very well, and should be suitable for release as the new stable version of X-GnuCash. Well done.


Kim Wood

 kim.wood  on: 08.02.12 - 08:17 - Comments: 10

Dear WinPenPack,

GnuCash 2.4.10 has just been released at -Link- I simply replaced the previous x-gnucash/bin/gnucash directory with the latest version, but it will only paint the splash screen and then quits. It looks like it might need a change or two to the launcher ini file. Anyway, it would be terrific to see a version 2.4.10 x-gnucash version sometime soon.

Keep up all your good work.


Kim Wood

 Danix  on: 08.02.12 - 22:41 - Comments: 241

The old launcher does not work with the new version because the paths to Aqbanking, Gwenhywfar and Guile have changed. I updated the software, try the new version!

 kim.wood  on: 08.02.12 - 23:36 - Comments: 10

Thank you. Amazingly fast response to my request. Your hard work is much appreciated. It is time I made a donation to keep the good work going.



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